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Based in Gourock, Bluejay Business Services provides a bespoke bookkeeping, payroll, and administration services to small and medium sized businesses.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Do you leave your accounting to the last minute?  There are certain tasks that small business owners either don’t like doing or leave till last minute.  Generally the accounting for the business is one of these tasks!

There are certain circumstances that crop up, hopefully increased workload, that means that day to day tasks are ignored.  If this is you than perhaps external assistance is the answer.

If you are spending your time on paperwork and administrative tasks, but you are not ready to take on an extra member of staff to help, we could have the solution.

Or perhaps you are going through a period of growth and just need an extra pair of hands to assist you for a short period of time. No matter what the reason is, sometimes help is needed. And most always, we will be able to help!

With accounting and bookkeeping services on an hourly basis, you only pay for the hours you need, without incurring the costs of holiday or sick pay, employers national insurance contributions or even requiring office space. We can also offer a fixed price for a fixed range of hours.

This is an affordable accounting option!